Leaving the European Union would put jobs at risk, particularly for young people.

Being in the EU helps create jobs in Britain. Freedom of movement means that we can all travel freely and take up opportunities for work throughout the other 27 countries of the EU. We can also benefit from the substantial financial and other support that the EU provides to help create jobs.

The EU boosts youth employment through vocational training and support for apprenticeships. The EU’s Erasmus + programme, for example, gave €102 million to UK applicants in 2015, of which a quarter was for Vocational Education and Training applicants.

The UK’s cultural industries receive a favourably disproportionate 50% of EU research and innovation funding because of the strength of the UK’s creative sector. They have received €1.46 billion over 7 years from the EU’s programme for the creative and cultural sectors, helping to promote growth and create jobs.

As young people, our future employment is at risk if the UK leaves the EU. Don’t let it happen. Sign the petition below and show your support for remaining in the EU.

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